Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer time fun

So lot has happened in the last month since I last wrote.

I got my wedding dress!!!!! I bought it in New York City while I was visiting my friend from Maui. Brooke, your the best. I love the dress and will have to post a picture soon.

We bought a new car finally. We bought a Jeep Patriot with 4 wheel drive, so we won't slip in the winter time. It is a champagne color. I love it!

Lastly, my passport came in the mail on Saturday! woo, hoo!!!! So now if Corie gets back to me, I can start planning my trip to England to see her. But I think she fell off the face of the planet because I haven't heard from her in weeks. Earth to Corie are you out there? if so please let me know.

Also on saturday I went to my first Riesling wine festival, wow... I tried and drank a lot of wine in a hour or so time frame. Was feeling a little tipsy by the end of it. Did you know they now make wine slushy? All you have to do is buy some wine, red or white and add water and the mix, then freeze and wala, instant wine slushy. Yummy!! I bought some mixes.

So that is all for now. Talk to you soon.


  1. Yay an update! :) Glad you are excited about your dress - it really looked beautiful on ya. What was your mom's reaction? Any news on getting it altered? So much happened after you left, most of it good but you'll have to call or we'll have to video chat to discuss it. Let's just say that the family reunion had an interesting twist for Eileen and it altered the last two weeks of my vacation! hehe. Anyway, hope all is well and we'll speak soon! :)

  2. Brooke, I'm Linda, Corie's "old" landlady from Lahaina and I'm very concerned about NOT having heard a word about/from her since June. I have no other way than contacting you (since she mentioned you several times when she stayed with me just before going to England) and was hoping you might know something. Please email me if you know anything or have any information. I'm one of those motherly, grandmotherly worriers and care so much for her and her well-being. Thank you. Linda Nolan ( or ...or is it net? I'm the one they write the idiot books for!)